Capstan Services, Inc.


For generations, sailors used a device called a Capstan to assist with tasks that were unachievable by hand.  The capstan is a device which is used to reel in large lines that are needed on larger sailing vessels.  These devices were used to pull up large anchors and haul other sorts of large lines.

What is unique about a capstan is that it used both technology and human cooperation to allow a number of people to pull the line in by walking around the capstan using levers that hooked in to the circular device.  Through teamwork and cooperation the line would be wrapped around the capstan and extremely heavy loads could be hauled in.

At Capstan Services we feel that modern technology must be treated in a similar manner.  We bring a mix of technology, human capital and cooperation to the table as we help your business to achieve it's Information Technology needs.  This makes Capstan Services, Inc different in a world of copycat consulting and staffing firms.


How is Capstan Services Different?



Them: Other Staffing firms are out to fill a job for you.  They live in the past where high fee's were the standard and you had no other choice then pay the fee or put an ad in the newspaper.  They expect to send you a bunch of resume's and then have you interview 3 candidates before you mail them a check.  This is the same business model that they use for all sorts of fields from Information Technology to Human Resources to CEO's.

Capstan Services: At Capstan Services we know that the world is changing.... FAST!  We know that your business needs to keep costs down and that much of your hiring is going to take place on the internet.  It's common sense to staff certain positions yourself.  We also know that there are times that you may not have the skill to fill a position in your Information Technology department.  This is why we ONLY staff Information Technology professionals and we do it more economically than our competition.  We are information technology professionals ourselves and we know how to find you the BEST people with the LEAST EFFORT.


Them: There are two ways that our competition provides consultants.

1. Traditional staffing firms provide contract consultants. You get 3 resumes and then you get inflated bills.

2. Large consulting firms provide project based consultants.  You get a turn key project and then you watch the project balloon out of control.

The problem with the traditional model of consulting is that you have two choices.  Staffing firms provide a head, but you are left to make all the decisions yourself.  There is no expectation that you will get anything more then a temporary worker that you need to manage yourself.  There is also the option of hiring a "turnkey" consulting firm, but these large companies tend to over promise and under deliver.  Often these large consulting firms "estimate" the number of hours a project will take and then the reality is a very different story.

Where do both of these models fail?  In both cases the hourly rate is incentive to stay as long as possible and bill you as much as possible before ending the relationship.

Capstan Services: At Capstan Services we have lived these realities over and other again as both clients and consultants.  What we know is that there needs to be a relationship that goes beyond the project.  This is why Capstan Services wants to be your partner in consulting.  Our consultants know that your project has a beginning and an end as well.  We also know that if a project runs smoothly and comes in on or under budget that you may choose to use us again not only for other consulting opportunities but also to fill your staffing needs.  We also know that at the end of certain projects there is a need for additional staff to maintain the hardware or software that was upgraded or deployed.  We hope to show you that we can exceed your expectations on the project and then seamlessly fill any staffing needs when our consultants leave.  This is not just as shameless marketing tactic.... It is also our incentive to help you keep your project on track and under budget.

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