We Are Information Technology!


Capstan Services LogoAt Capstan Services, Inc. we are all about Information Technology.  From hardware to software we provide consulting and staffing services to make your business run more smoothly while keeping your bottom line in mind.   Other firms can brag about providing Attorneys, Accountants and Oil Rig services along with your IT staff, but is the the company that you want to trust with your mission critical infrastructure?  We hope not!

The Capstan Difference

We believe that the best way to provide top notch Information Technology services is to be an information technology professional.  This is why Capstan Services was formed by Information Technology professionals.  We believe that there is no substitute for experience.  Other companies staff Recruiters and Consulting Managers that are experienced only in recruiting or consulting and train them to know all the latest IT buzzwords.  They may be able to talk the buzzwords, but how can this person properly help you to hire someone to manage your network and routers when they have never pulled a cable nor programmed a router?  We have the experience.

So before you sign your next consulting or staffing contract, ask the person your are working with if they have ever experienced these situations.  WE HAVE! 


  Have you pulled Cable / Fiber through a plenum?
  Have you configured a Router?
  Have you performed a software deployment?
  How many programming languages have you written in?
  Have you built and deployed servers?
  Have you performed unattended client deployments?
  Have you built a virtualized server environment?
  Have you done a physical to cloud conversion?
  Have you managed a 100,000+ seat software deployment?
  Have you managed an IT project team?
  How much money have you saved a client by automating processes?


We have done all this and more and you will see immediately how our extensive IT backgrounds and industry experience makes us stand out from other staffing and consulting firms.   We have not only "managed" or "hired" people to do these things, we have actually done them.  This is what makes Capstan Services uniquely prepared to fill your next IT position or provide consulting services for your next project.... We don't just talk the talk, we roll up our sleeves and get down in the trenches to provide the highest level of IT services.



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