A good Linked In profile is key for all job hunters as well as for anyone wanting to network.  Here are a few of our favorite articles on making your Linked In profile better.


  • 10 Tips to a Better LinkedIn Profile - This may sound like an article with tips for making your profile better.  It has some if these tips, but the great stuff in this article is the usage tips which are key to managing your profile.  Don't miss the parts about turning off activity broadcasts and customizing your URL.  


  • 8 Mistakes You Should Never Make on LinkedIn - Forbes tends to have good information and this article is proof that they are LinkedIn Savvy.  Where other articles tell you what to do, this one warns you about some common pitfalls.  A good, quick read.


  • The 10 Best Job Hunting Secrets of All Time - This Article is not about your LinkedIn profile, but it is an excellent guide to how you should focus your search.  After reading this you should have a good understanding of where to focus and what to change in your profile.
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