Quality Consultants -- Reasonable Prices

At Capstan Services we strive to provide top quality consulting services for our clients.  From software deployments to network implementation we can provide consultants to help your business with you next project.  You may have a need for additional skills that are not available in house or just need some extra help with a project that requires additional staffing.  We provide not just bodies but consultants who will partner with your business to get the project completed on time and on budget!

We Don't Move In

Other consulting firms show up with a purpose but they never seem to complete the project.  Before you know it there are pictures of the family on a desk and they are moving in permanently.  This means that what you really get is a full time employee at consultants salary.  These consultants don't seem to know the difference between a consultant and and employee.

Capstan consultants are different.  Our consultants are there to complete the job and move on to the next project.  We also provide staffing services and would LOVE to also help you hire your next employee.... but we will never do this by having a consultant move in.  

Consulting Services

  • Infrastructure Projects
  • IP Phone System Conversions
  • Network Support
  • Software Rollouts
  • Implementation Planning
  • Disaster Recover Projects
  • Emergency IT Services
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