Online Backup for Just $5/month!

You asked for it...  Capstan Services Delivers!


At Capstan Services we try to deliver solutions for all our customers no matter how big or small.  This is why capstan services has partnered with an internationally recognized online backup service to bring you an unbelievable deal!  We are now able to provide UNLIMITED online backup for just $5 /month!

For just $5 a month you can now backup your PC or MAC and have the security of knowing that your data is safely stored in "the cloud" at an offsite location!  In addition, our backup service provides you with versioning.  This is not a feature that is offered by many online backup services and what it means is that you keep old versions of your files which are available for download.  This will save you all that hassle next time you overwrite a file with the wrong data and thought you had to start from scratch!

Our service provides the following features:

  • UNLIMITED storage of backup files
  • UNLIMITED upload and download bandwidth
  • Supports both PC and Mac OSX
  • Saves prior versions of files (Versioning)
  • Military-grade encryption of your file transfers
  • Web portal to view and download your files
  • Tablet and phone apps to view and download your files
  • Restore client for PC - Easily restore files!
  • Automatic backup in the background



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