Save Money with hosted phones!

If your home or business uses phones then you know that phone bills can be a big expense.  Capstan Services is always looking to find ways to bring value to the market and we are now installing hosted phone systems.  We have partnered with an outstanding company to provide phone services at an unbelievable price point!  We provide the local knowledge and services to get your system up and running while our partners provide top notch phone services at a great price.


How good are the prices?

  •    Unlimited Phone Lines:  $20 / Month
  •    Per Minute (or inbound only) Phone Lines: $15 / Month
  •    Additional Phone Number $5 per month
  •    Toll Free Service for just 2.3 Cents per minute!


What sort of Phone will I get?

You can pick from virtually an IP compatible phone.  Capstan Services suggests using Cisco phones since they are extremely reliable, Industry Standard and they can be purchased on almost any budget.  But if you prefer another brand we can assist you with selecting the correct phone!

Plus, Capstan Services can bring you sample phone to let you try out a Cisco IP phone before you commit!


What Features are included?

  • Individual Direct Dial In (DID) Numbers - Ability to bypass an auto attendant or receptionist and reach a user directly with their own personal phone number.
  • Toll Free DID - Get your own toll free number or port over your existing one ($0.023 per minute) 
  • Caller ID
  • Custom Outbound Caller ID - Customize the outbound caller ID of every phone in your organization
  • Call Transfer - Transfer a call to a phone anywhere
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding - Set your office phone to ring to another device. 
  • Three-way Conference Calling
  • Directory Dialing - Ability to have personal and corporate directories programmed on your phone.
  • Custom Music-on-hold - Choose either the default music or upload your own music.
  • Voicemail to Email - Ability to receive voicemails as an attachment to your email address.
  • Simultaneous Ring - Ring any number of phones simultaneously.
  • Shared Call Line Appearance - Allows Receptionists/Administrators to identify what number/extension the caller is calling for.
  • Sequential Ring / Find Me, Follow Me - Ring phones in a predetermined sequence until the user or voicemail picks up.
  • Selective Inbound Call Block - Ability to block a specific number from calling your company.
  • Missed Call Notification - Receive a notification any time a phone call is missed.
  • Speed Dials - Set up personal speed dials from each phone.
  • System Operation Times - Allows you to turn on and off your system operation times.
  • Fax to Email - Send and receive faxes directly to email as an attachment.
  • Fax over IP - Use an adapter to send and receive faxes over the internet
  • Unlimited Auto Attendants - A pre-recorded response allows callers to press a key and be routed to the associated destination (press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, etc.)
  • PIN Codes - Ability to create enterprise-wide PIN codes to make outgoing calls
  • Conference Bridges - Ability to organize a conference call at any time with a large number of participants using a dial-in number and PIN code.
  • Busy Light Fields - The ability to recognize whether an extension is in use or not. The extension will light up and allow an Admin or Executive to monitor and answer that extension.
  • Soft Phone Support- A soft phone application that installs on your desktop, iPad and/or cell phone that mirrors your business phone.
  • Receptionist Web Portal - Allows your receptionist to manage the company's phones via the web
  • Outlook Integration - Make calls directly from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Call Reporting Logs - Ability to review call activity in real time as well as download a CSV file.
  • Unlimited Virtual Extensions - Create unlimited extension with the ability to customize each extension differently.
  • Call Queue - Allows multiple calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator.
  • International Calling - low per minute rates 


What if I want to use another provider?

Capstan Services is focused on bringing value to our customers.  We have created a partnership with the company that we believe provides the most value for most of our customers.  But we know that one size does not fit all.  If you have more customized phone needs we can help you to identify the right service provider and then perform your installation.

We are here to provide your company value no matter what phone provider you choose!


Call 972-996-4848 to find out how we can save your business money on phone services!


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